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ANTIQUES ON HIGH is Oxford's favourite venue for buying antiques. Twenty five friendly dealers offer extensive experience across a wide range of areas including:

Silver and jewellery
Books and music
Linens, vintage fashion and accessories
Ceramics and glass
Pictures, prints and maps
Antiquities and collectables.

Today's antiques were yesterday's crafts.  The Centre  includes a separate gallery featuring the work of local craftspeople covering ceramics, jewellery, woodturning, glass, wraps and paintings.  It includes work by members of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild and of the Oxford Art Society

August 2014 Memories of the First World War

 World War One began for the United Kingdom one hundred years ago on 4th August 1914.  Throughout Europe, and beyond, there was devastating destruction, appalling loss of life and social change in this conflict, and in World War Two which followed 25 years later.   However the battles and comradeship, the new roles for women and the human emotional experiences left behind a legacy of art, literature and music.  There are also a myriad of personal items; the medals and badges, the photos and postcards with poignant messages of love and hope, the books and poetry, the little souvenirs and gifts. So now these things are officially classed as antiques, one hundred years old, valued not just for monetary reasons but because they are interesting and offer a unique and tangible link with the past.

Our August window is a tribute and we have all manner or small antiques, collectables and books from this period on display and for sale in Antiques on High. Choose from trench art work created from shell casings and coins, silk embroidered hankies and postcards, books in volumes describing the battles and realistic models of ships and aircraft as well as toy soldiers. We have weapons from both conflicts, bayonets, hand grenades and bullets and sombre "Death Pennies" the large bronze memorials issued to the relatives of soldiers killed in action between 1914 and 1918.  Regimental badges, buttons and sweetheart brooches plus collectable ceramics are also on offer.

We are right in the heart of Oxford, located at 85 High Street, opposite Queen’s College and two minutes walk from Magdalen Bridge.

We accept all major credit cards.

Opening hours are 10am to 5pm
(11am to 5pm Sundays and Bank Holidays)
Telephone 01865 251075.

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